Mission & goal

Potential Expressionism Art (PEA)

The creative Art, PEA, is the abbreviation of English Potential Expressionism Art. This is a metaphor for the pea in the story "The Princess and the Pea." If we bury the pea in soil and water it, it will grow vibrantly to be an amazing area. It is a metaphor for the journey of art. As long as there is a root (the basis of the sketch), with the cornerstone, you can achieve an unbounded territory (the meaning of HKPEAA).

Everyone has hidden potentials. It depends on whether they can be discovered and developed. The scope of your hidden potential is not limited to aesthetics, but also flat or three-dimensional art creation.

Potential Expressionism Art

Everyone has hidden potentials. This is "potential expressionism." It can trigger your inner subconscious. Then you will follow the traces of the pattern, the shape of the trend, and then create according to the environment, through your personal belief, historical memory, aesthetic structure and then a piece of your unique art piece is born.

「Potential Expressionism Art」

The art of Eva Tsang

Art is shapeless, it is just like cloud. You cannot touch it. Regardless of tangible and intangible, we need to examine and ponder the meaning of the art piece carefully! Art is full of wisdom. It makes you dare to give up, practice, and cultivate the whole person's vision. In additional to talent, we also need to work hard to consolidate the foundation, continue to innovate, seek breakthroughs, and inherit the inheritance at the same time. Let art becomes a part of your life can make you calm.

The main idea of PEA Potential Performance is to discover personal potential. It is not limited to a certain unit, a certain category, it can be flat or three-dimensional art. It contains different elements, combining Chinese history and culture, Chinese ink art, Western art, contemporary creative art and design aesthetics. We have to understand the structure and deconstruction of the basic, explore the closeness of the atmosphere and the space, understand the mystery of light and dark colors, recognize the characteristics of the paintings, figure out the lines through the structure and get rid of the fast food culture.

We need the cornerstone of history and culture to develop art. If we don't have it, we cannot develop art. Without knowledge of history and culture, how do you know and how to appreciate the woodcarvings of the Ming and Qing dynasties? Know the history, culture and dynasty of ceramics, and at the same time appreciate the art from the perspective of visual art, this enriches life and consolidates our foundation!

Let us develop the creative art with PEA potential expressionist art, to create and develop our new generation and consolidate our foundation!