Chung, Lap Kwan Painter

Chung, Lap Kwan

HKPEAA Art Consultant | Modern Ink Painting Artist

Chung, Lap Kwan Profile

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His biography was compiled into the “History of Hong Kong Art” page 226, written by Zhu Qi. It was published by Sanlian Bookstore in 2005.

“The History of Chinese Ink Painting in Hong Kong during the British Rule”, page 180, published by Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House in 2010.

The internationally renowned painter Liu Guosong commented that Zhong Likun was unprecedented in expressing the performance of waves and splashes. He wasalso the first person to draw underwater scenery with ink. His method of expressing water was completely new, and the effect was far from what people can dream of.

Taiwan’s famous scholar Jiang Yihan recommended Zhong Likun. He commented that Zhong Likun’s paintings were very powerful and connotative, showing his religious consciousness and the image of life in the universe.

Lang Shaojun, a famous scholar from Beijing, commented that Zhong Likun’s works were exquisitely produced and vivid.

Collection of works:

  • 台灣國立歷史博物館
  • 台灣台北市立美術館
  • 台灣省立美術館
  • 台灣國立藝術教育館
  • 香港藝術館
  • 香港信義宗神學院
  • 香港區域市政局
  • 馬來西亞藝術學院
  • 江蘇省美術館


  • 中華民國水墨抽象展 ── 佳作獎
  • 北京國際水墨畫展88 ── 優秀獎

「雲峰」(是畫廊) 眼中的”新當代水墨藝術”