Chapter of HKPEAA

Chapter of HKPEAA (Hong Kong Potential Expressionism Art Association)

Chapter 1 – General

1.1 The associate is named: Hong Kong Potential Expressionism Art Association

1.2 Associate mailing address: P.O. Box 34846 King’s Road

1.3 The purpose of this association follows is as:

1.4 Assisting or funding or organizing

1.4.1 To promote Art Education

1.4.2 To promote Potential Expression Art Education to the people at grassroots level

1.4.3 To promote Arts to the minority, allowing them to understand the history of local culture through art and adapt to the new society easily

1.4.4 To assist people with intellectual disabilities or disabled persons being able to learn art, broaden and improve their minds

1.4.5 Promote fusion design, western aesthetics, Ebru Art in ink painting, mixed material creativity – PEA(Potential Expressionism Art) visual arts curriculum

1.4.6 Explore and learn about the relationship between Western history and Chinese history, culture & art. With In-depth understanding, organize related lectures and activities

1.4.7 Actively promote the rooting of sketches, the foundation of Chu Shi’s paintings, and strengthen the creative skills

1.4.8 Contact local art lovers or participants to exchange creative experiences and help promote their creative ideas

1.4.9 Organize creative art exhibitions or events with different themes and cross media to increase public interest in art creation

Chapter 2 – Members

2.1 The Association welcomes those who are interested in art visual arts and art history to join as members. Members need to fill in the application form and abide by the constitution of the Association

2.2 Members of the Association may be removed from their membership if they are approved by the General Assembly if:

2.2.1 Violation of the constitution of the Association or the resolution of the General Assembly damages the Honorary of the Association

2.2.2 Those who have been convicted of criminal offences

2.2.3 Those who fail to pay dues on time are considered to be automatically withdrawn

2.3 Any automatic withdrawal or removal of the membership will result in the payment of the dues or donations to the Association

Chapter 3 – Contributions

3.1 Members must pay an annual fee of HKD 100 each year(calculated from the date of successful entry)

3.2 The Society accepts donations from the community to pay for daily expenses

3.3 Expenses are used for meeting expenses and expenses for activities organized by the Association

Chapter 4 – Council

4.1 The Board of Directors is the executive body of this meeting. The Board of Directors formulates the meeting work plan according to the constitution

4.2 In addition to the chairman, the directors elected vice presidents, finance officers, executive officers, etc., to handle routine tasks

Chapter 5 – Debt and responsibility

5.1 If the Association is responsible for debts or liabilities, it should follow the general legal principles.

Chapter 6 – Others

6.1 The association was established on September 15, 2017 and was founded by Ms. Eva Tsang. She is the founder and chairman

6.2 If the association needs to be dissolved, after deducting necessary expenses, when there is surplus assets, it will be donated to the charity

6.3 Any amendments to the Articles of the Association, must be approved by the General Assembly or the Special General Assembly, and the Hong Kong Society Registrar

6.4 This Constitution is set on July 5, 2018