Dr. Kwok, Ho Mun

Dr. Kwok, Ho Mun

HKPEAA Honorary Advisor

Dr. Kwok, Ho Mun Profile

Born in Shanghai in 1947 and his ancestral home in Guangdong, he is the chairman of Wan Fung Art Gallery, the president of the International Collectors Association, the vice president of the Hong Kong Cultural Promotion Association, the World Outstanding Chinese Foundation, and the Honorary Doctor of Literature at The Queen’s University of Brighton.

He saw a large number of famous Chinese paintings and calligraphy when he was a child. His interest was to study painting and engraving. He graduated from high school in 1966. At that time, China entered the period of cultural revolution. During those turbulent days, he profoundly understood the philosophy of life and devoted himself to studying Chinese painting theories and techniques while familiarizing himself with Chinese literature, history and philosophy. In 1974, he moved to Hong Kong and opened a studio, mainly teaching Chinese painting and engaging in various investments.

He founded Yunfeng Art Gallery in 1986 and officially started a long-term and huge Chinese art promotion program in the following year. More than 1,000 art exhibitions were held in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and mainland China, and nearly 200 paintings were published up till now. In the past few decades, he published numerous articles on art criticism and promotion of artists, and he wrote a column on Chinese art investment for many financial newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. In recent years, he was invited by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Fudan University to teach Chinese art and real estate professionals about Chinese art appreciation and investment. He has hosted hundreds of art lectures in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and China and is one of the most popular art speakers in Hong Kong.

In 2010, he founded the Ming and Qing Dynasties Architecture Home Woodcarving Art Museum in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, to promote traditional Chinese culture. His deeds were compiled into documentary documents such as “1990 Hong Kong and Macau Celebrities and Elites”, “2004 Leaders”, “2008 Today Chinese”. A number of TV media such as CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV, Hong Kong Satellite TV and Shandong TV Station gave him an exclusive interview. In 2011, he was selected by the Chinese collectors as one of the “2011 China Top Ten Private Collectors”. He is hailed as an art promotion strategist and a “Friend of Chinese Painters” by Chinese and foreign art circles. His book “Chinese Painting Collection and Investment” and articles published over the years are rated as the most valuable art investment reference book by the Chinese collectors.